In Order To Clarify…

When you read you
it's you, if it's good
if it's bad, it's not you
might be me
might be another you
ie someone else
even though there's no one else
well, probably, anyway

You know, you, too,
extrapolate a universal you
and anchor it to a living you
and whether the you is me
or, from my perspective,
the you is you
the fantastic is anticipated
by both you and me
and vice versa
OK, cool, glad that's sorted, tidy

~ ~ ~

Per Capita

I walked from  Café  Royal to      Academy Royal
ruing the death of Woolworths        experimenting
with various     abdominal            muscle tensions
now wishing I was alpha-           male     (even my
bogpaper is super-soft)          Octoberish weather
slept-in hair   New York       espresso     forthwith
a sandwich     westside                wing       Covent
Garden      Thameside park            Second Tier 58
Seat 2       new roof BM          hot courtyard V&A
raw dirty windows            latticed-glass hot house
regal pergola            cars and cycles rock the cast-
iron bridge              young gangs engage on paved
walkway            ground down    pestle and mortar
yeah               me too

~ ~ ~