The sun is overexposed
it burns out pixels on this gravel path
Puddles glare like a poor camera
used for so long your eyes have got used to it
A jogger puffs past
drumming her hands to earphone music

I need some muslin            a filter
tone everything down a notch or two

They must have laid cinders first
then piled stones on top
A truck has been through
churned out a four-foot-long rut
edged with a black mud mixture
marked by bicycle tracks
When it drove back
you can see it overlapped onto the grass
Maybe I should sit somewhere else

~ ~ ~

Suzanne is a Cracker

I popped into a pub to eat
and they were playing a tape of early Dylan
followed by generic 60s 70s songs
Who'd have expected Suzanne?

I must have heard it hundreds of times
ever since Peel played it 1967
but I'd been knocking away armour recently
seemed like the right time
and it was a surprise, softened me up

I bent double
fell face-first into me chips
weeping like an orphan
No one seemed to notice

~ ~ ~