In the Days

when cast iron
was a penny a ton
and we built things
strong enough to survive nuclear bombs
even though Einstein wasn't yet born
love was eternal
a Darwinian thread
going back to the splitting
of the first amoeba

It gave us ideas
about fission and fusion
Presentday, it seems to have all gone wrong

~ ~ ~


I demolished an outhouse
breeze blocks, bricks, bits of iron
glass, wood, mortar, tarred cloth, nails
plasterboard, hardboard, cable, ducting
sockets, old lino, vinyl, copper pipes
a sink, slate

A heap of rubble was carted away
but now it's back, above the ceiling
in the kitchen

A white cotton thread hangs
Pull me
Let it crash, crush, get it over
Get done with it

Crawl out
Enjoy the sun

~ ~ ~