I'd escaped the shelling of the city
to relax in the beauty of the mountains
but it did not make me strong

When the first bombardment started
close to the moment of my return
I was unprepared

I am sure the enemy is weakened
his show of strength is pathetic
but it remains, nevertheless, unwelcome

Unwelcome also, are the adjustments I have to make
The allies have dispersed
without them, the discomfort is more acute

I play for time
I believe the months and years will bring their own solution
This may be a mistake

~ ~ ~

Boiled Potatoes

In the quadrangle
Tannoys reverberate
like Paddington Station
the overseer belts out restrictions
curb this, inhibit that

The indoctrinees mill and sheep
mutter their mantras, spurt out
phrases, bites of words to score
approval, like old East Germany
before the fall

I'm tired, can't waste my time
can't get used to being on my own

~ ~ ~