Memory Effect

I take an empty Coke bottle
and refill it with tap water
Overnight it acquires
fizz and flavour and caffeine

but not colour

Puzzled, I check the label
or, as I like to think of it,
the alchemical spell

Fine, everything's OK
must be my imagination

~ ~ ~

I Must Have Wandered All Over You

thrown you and caught you
felt you come like a ballerina
felt you come like crucified jesus
wandered all over you like a homeless beggar
like evil to know you from toes to crown

Every day of you
in light and dark
to want you            possess you
get under all that is not you
contort you
get so engrained
like love is hunger
a need, further in than skin

I could be an imagination
in hard colour

I could burn my arms
to break the dream

~ ~ ~