It's fun to hide in the dark
share a cigarette
watch the lake at Lhamo La-tso

You see through the night, don't you
Read me, cover to cover

The rose lotus unfolds
I trace your smile, outline
your imprint in the sand

You've brought fruit to share
I'm down to one cigarette
I love your warmth, your blood
the taste of sweet peach

~ ~ ~

Thames and Benches

The museum gates clank shut
in silence and no wind
is heard in corridors
just the cries of lost children
and biscuits crushed into carpet
and wardens touching fossils and smoking

Holidays soon
but sailing the lake, back and forth
year on year, waiting for pension
is nowhere

Curtains of dust hang like walls
Doors open and get locked
Sandwiches hide in drawers next to coins and relics
and some wine, left over from Christmas, is still OK

The queues are long this morning
A dirty suitcase, left by a tramp,
is kicked by a visitor from the Netherlands

~ ~ ~