Like a Faithful Lover

I was going to put your photo you sent me
onto a T-shirt
but not only has the print shop gone
but the whole block is now a car park

Instead, I got into the habit
of imagining it there on my chest
like a shield or a badge
of honour
as if you exuded your image in ink
out through my rib cage

After a while
I noticed on one shirt
that you actually were there
visibly            permanently
think Turin Shroud
which is very apt
considering you're dead
good as

~ ~ ~

If it was hot today
I'd want to lie on my side in a brook
and let the flowing water wash me
shoulder to toes
dissolve the mess
send some nutrients
to the physically smaller life forms

I'd be stronger because lighter
not 17 again and kicking down doors
singing other people's songs
but ready to start anew
maybe a little more cautious this time
maybe not

~ ~ ~