Honey Mind

You long for the river
to be open and give
give like you almost trust in wisdom

You want her crazy
like sky and sun
like our time is perfect

but you can see
the mind is drowning
and there can only be forever

(After Leonard Cohen, Suzanne)

~ ~ ~

Physical Symbology

I think most of my symbology is physical
he said            it seems to fit
the solid world underpins our abstractions

I was coming down a mountain path
(he continued)
and I met someone climbing up
and we stopped and communed
and she sang this song
first there is a mountain
then there is no mountain
then there is

so I turned round and climbed back up

The café on top of Snowdon
is full of tourists who've taken the train
They have no admiration for climbers
They work, get paid, buy a ticket

~ ~ ~