Clear Morning

                still counting waves  busy sky
         fulmars smash centre  fly free   cross-
  leaved  spray  jagged  common  razor-wing  gull
sandpiper                               summer's only home
spring                                                     promising
harbours     touched portals                     redshank
still-backed   golden knapweed       wrack heather
down stream   squill       godwit                    dawn

Again the beach  waveburst       wave after tremor
mercury lustre  still cool         head      to sun  rise
but she haunts  shuffles         spirals
fine cotton  shadow           children
glide      everywhere

Move here    alluvial       pullover  foxglove
clover       trunkback       heron   canal
picking       chickens       fields  fawning
calves      leatherette        roll over
                     all over        now

~ ~ ~

Going Mobile

I'm up in the air
and across the aisle this lad is texting
and I'm wishing I had a smart phone
or something like that
something that'll go online
I don't really know a lot about it
but I'd like to log in and send you a message
or email you
check up on how you're doing
maybe even upload a photo from the plane.

I like staying in touch
[even though I'm a miserable misanthrope.]

~ ~ ~