Only a recollection
veils pulled from a couple rooms
candles lit
an image of you here
on this chair
by the window
sepia in the wallpaper
a visitor to mindread
ozone from the sea

You unfurl a bandage
trail over table and bed
around stacks of books
knots of newspaper in the hearth
old record sleeves
guitar, ash tray, photographs

Starlight ghosts the air
Figures dance and love

Back on the beach, I touch shallows
taste salt

~ ~ ~

Well, I hope you're OK
and I haven't been bad

There was a long queue
at the bus stop
full of folk I vaguely knew
and then there was you
Oh wow!
I tried to signal to you
I don't think you spotted me

The bus came and you got on
but not enough room for me
I had to wait

~ ~ ~