I'm Just Popping Over the Platform

They call them maisonettes
half a house really
We've got the bottom half
we didn't want any stairs

They're new, built on scrap land
near the train station
We get a driveway, a place to park the car
but there's no shelter from the rain
and it does rain here
and anyway I like the walk
change of scenery
go for a cigarette
Does anybody smoke indoors anymore?

You're not supposed to smoke on platforms
but no one cares
there's only 2 trains an hour
the station's empty most of the time
a few vagrants, and yobbos
at night

~ ~ ~

Of course, you can't bend notes on a piano
and I'd forgotten scales and modes
but how many times do you crash somewhere
and get a Bechstein in the bedroom?

You sprawled across the mattress
and I settled down to white notes
Root and fifth with the left
let the melody come with the right

It was OK, wasn't it?
It's a long time since I just got in the mood and played
Going back
I've got an old synth dumped in the garage, maybe I'll dig it out

~ ~ ~