Fiddling the Tube

I used to live halfway
between two stops on the Bakerloo Line
It was only 4 old pence for a single
but if you stayed on
you could get up town
and walk out the emergency
exit at Regents Park for free
and then it wasn't too far to walk
to Berwick Street
and sit in my café and write
and watch the working girls come
and go
I didn't bunk off school that often
so it was special
and London was magic then

You land up getting a taste for magic
sort of expect it
but, to be honest,
I'm not often disappointed

~ ~ ~

5pm – Cool Shadows

It was only a quick chat
with the shopkeeper
and now I'm walking down the street
looking in the mirror

Not too serious, though
In fact, it's incredibly amusing

Isn't it brilliant how
when you've got something funny on your mind
total strangers
start smiling too

~ ~ ~