I don't recall ever having the vanity
to think of myself as Gulliver in Lilliput
but that's the image that keeps cropping up
Lilliputians with grappling hooks on ropes
pull and tear flesh
It's not so much the discomfort when standing still
it's the disincentive to move
knowing that any pleasure will be outweighed by pain
however, the stale unhealthiness of not being in motion
to where I want
when I want
gets into my bones
and I struggle to resist kicking out
as an act of reckless defiance

~ ~ ~


There's a special room
where I meet all my friends –
all the friends who passed by

(Routine has its fundamental note
plus a few harmonics
all held within an aura…
its crust fissures…
opens a door to my room)

One at a time
I meet my friends –
it's similar to when someone waves at you
from a moving train
and then later you later bump into them

Like I said

~ ~ ~