I carried a pebble from my Cardiff garden
to the Lady Chapel, St David's Cathedral
and hid it in a small hollow, south wall

Madly, I snapped
a million photos of stained-glass windows
like I believed
the end was nigh

Up to Cross Square
then Goat Street, Heol Catrin
Waun Isaf to Affes
indulging in luxury
so good to write and revise
before using a pen

Reflecting now
building bridges between sanity and city
(between) ease and activity
(between) here and there
(I confess,) begging for help

~ ~ ~

The man from the Chinese is at the front door
noodles & tofu
I swear, for no reason,
I'd just seen 12:34:56 pineal pie
bringg bringg
you cut down all the flowers but one
and now you pay
plus free prawn crackers
which the birds get
in the garden
but my stomach bleeds
and the kitchen clock
is absolutely

~ ~ ~