I've Been Driving my Old Ford Prefect

three gears
plus reverse
down B roads            out of the way
going slow to look round each corner
Just before noon
visibility good
tarmac average, smooth enough
(someone's going to get me
sooner or later
you feel it in your bones)
I park in a lay-by
walk to Trethevy Quoit
open up to history
like she was my mother
no language
trusting the decades ahead
(they'll get you first
for sure)
an apprentice
in preparation

~ ~ ~

Pixies Ride the Backs of Guillemots

within all the errors and fights
tantrums and betrayals
was healing
I know you can see it
and if you want
not destroy it

It can be easy and free
but I'm cutting you away
to drop beyond science
where obvious data is not excluded
for the sake of an easy answer

~ ~ ~