Photos of Shadows

The air, up and down this road,
I spy
through a window
a demented man
I hear screams
a madhouse cell
a 60s film

but it's all gone wrong

I was told what to do
stand back
let it die
watch it be reborn

Uh-huh, not better

~ ~ ~

I'm Not Worth Bothering With

She takes my topic of conversation and worries it
wearies it converts it to a long rambling tale with
no punch line and then starts a new theme of her
own she's knocking us down one by one and she'll
be the last one standing and still speaking and she
talks and talks and talks and talks and I can't bear
to look it makes me retch she loves her own voice
loves the inflection the craft of her own enunciation
loves to be the centre we all listen and she's beaming
eyes rolling like she's just had a round of applause
and she says close your eyes and think of a lemon

~ ~ ~