Now I'm no expert
but I reckon
these aforementioned hosiery items
are non-gender-specific

When, in the drawer,
you find one unpaired
you don't think, left / right
you think, unmatched
you think, commonly not-solo
and perhaps, logically,
through normative familiarity
reasonably extended
you think, waiting
waiting for its other half

Don't give a shit about socks myself
solo or paired
Come see me
or write

~ ~ ~

My picture is of Blake's dividers
the right point, a few weeks hence
the left, back a month or two,
or more, maybe

How far into the past do you want to go
The danger when wringing out
the best from history
is dryness

Many are not so lucky
a fractured dream, dwelt in,
not ditched, replaced
doesn't give much to remember

~ ~ ~