These streets are all the same
laid down when they cleared the woods and built houses
some on a slope or with a curve or an entrance to an alleyway
but basically, identical
with different names

Funny, wouldn't it be,
if they were all called the same
I was 13 Rugby Road
Which Rugby Road? You might ask
assuming they were all called Rugby Road

I knew a postman once
I would like to make his life difficult

~ ~ ~

Come and Play

oh my Christ i love every atom of you
every twitch in the sub-material density
that informs every passing second of you
every caressed cubic millimetre of flesh
imbued with succulence
a spit-roast suckling pig
melting fat and juice
pink-blooded meat fluid
into syrup
oozing down my chin and neck and chest
honeysuckle-drizzled velvet
again and again
like a mindless slave
like luscious cheese fondue
on my fingers, licking delicious,

~ ~ ~