Almost left, almost not here
poke around, find power points
no sense
no obvious science to their location

Near the backdoor, today
a zone of silky whiteness
maybe the carbon monoxide
or an echo of daily re-invention
(until the day it all stops)

Not to exaggerate
it's taken a decade for these points to come alive

Nearly packed for the capitalcouple days
wish I was young and brilliant
finished with slow-rassling in the bear pit
a great year behind

I thought you would go for a piggyback
but from across the room
you looked me in the face
ran forward and jumped

~ ~ ~

As If I Never Wouldn't / Dream with Me

No such thing as science, only method
data, analysis, conjecture
and when you get to subjective science
it all goes mad

You can't blame people
for swallowing other people's words
we all do it
It's better than the mess 
the inability to evaluate
all those voices

~ ~ ~