From Blue Sky

to green skip
clouds to car park
hills (the other side of the bay)
to light industrial units
the air is speckled

Leaves on straggly silver birches, ingrained
with dirt, engraved with tracks of condensed
acid, rattle
in the draught

Passengers, animals, A to B
crammy seat, nervy stares
clackety cataract, track
-side greens, blurry weeds…
Bridgend. Station. Stop.

Us trundle through cheeping doors, platform gap
gummed feet tread crusted packet litter
incremental steps down to pedestrian crossing
flagstones, turnoff to cul de sac, trade, market

~ ~ ~

Cathedral Vista

Your summer vacation job
including a flat above the gift shop
a shoebox room on the second floor
behind the holiday let with the big windows
(and the view)
coincided with my three-month retreat
thank god

That summer
I swam and hiked
You worked in the restaurant

~ ~ ~