An old map leads me to an overgrown path
ferns, tall grass, shrubs
no one's walked here for years

Looks like there's a new track
cut through the trees further up the slope
built to take the logging trucks and machinery

This path is fine
a little slow at times
good views of the river

~ ~ ~

Getting Out

The Bus Driver
       with the Santa hat
       directed us to the stop
       on the flyover
       for more choice
       of routes into town

The Lad
       half of a young couple
       recommended we take the path
       down the slope to the main road
       where, he said, virtually every bus
       would take us straight to the shops

Going Back
       we hadn't a clue
       so when we saw a taxi
       stopped at the lights
       we clambered in the back
          and let him sort it out

       and it was raining

~ ~ ~