Bacteria and Subatomic Particles

I used to be friends with the cosmos
but it didn't work out
so I tried people
and, well,
I don't think there's any need to elaborate

Next, it was garden birds
but they always fly            away

Now it's insects –
a moth, couple days ago
and yesterday and today
a lovely blue dragon/damsel fly
which has made its home in the front garden
and it comes to play
when I'm sitting at the computer
looking out the window

If this trend continues
then I guess I have to look forward to bacteria
and subatomic particles
…to be continued

~ ~ ~

I like you
you're odd
that's all I want to say
light three protected
picture inhale air
white level clear
soft 12 safe
exhale cocoon
see three, count three
exhale clear
breath breath of deeply exhaled
safe cocoon light misty light

~ ~ ~