I Must Spend More Time Upside Down

Woke up this morning thumped and wrinkled
cast back to new-born blindness
Dodgem car collisions into fixtures and fittings
leave me shocked but bruise free
The dawn chorus is far too loud
but there are no birds

Don't disturb my wakeful slumber
Don't bother me with questions
Do not disavow me of my illusions
Let me avoid circumstances which shatter fantasies

I don't want to upset nature with my inner vacuum
but I've got nothing to do
I might as well go and mope the boredom round town
like I was a teenager
like I was the Child that Santa Forgot

I stay out until dark
When you're lost in the night
they'll show you the stars
and then sell you constellations

~ ~ ~

Life is for learning
I'm sure we all agree

One of the first things you learn
is that bananas are funny
same as trousers
and, come to think of it,
They weren't always funny
there was a time they were deadly serious
but times change
that's another thing you learn

~ ~ ~