Clouds follow us. Solemn oil tankers turn slowly in a bay
the size of London. Masses of sunlight sparkles on water
angel-light. Sometimes the wind gets my neck, drives the moisture
from my tonsils. Sometimes the swallows swish so close – like flies

A mixed bag of weather today
I'm still tired from yesterday's hike
my legs drained, doing robot
It's my last day here for a while
saying goodbye, missing you already
trying not to think of home

~ ~ ~

My Pocket Notebook

is 6 months old
looks 6 years old
I've been out in the rain
and anyway using
a bigger exercise book
because I take a drink
and a snack            in a bag
make a session out of it
also carry a couple collections to browse

So, it's a sunny day and warm
and I've got a fruit bar in my pocket
but the Sunday crowds are out
– not surprised

It's BST today and the energy is rising
– a bare twig stuck in the ground
looking to grow
… & move

~ ~ ~