One Day I'll Try to Describe
The Crazy Dance of Birds in My Garden

It's a cold morning
I'm sat on the kitchen floor, hugging
an electric fan heater
A daft blue tit looks at me
through the window
He thinks he's a woodpecker
He pecks the windowsill
peck peck peck peck peck
I've heard him all over
pecking the wooden fence
pecking the soffits
Sometimes he flies round
to the front of the house
He sits in the willow
and watches me using the computer
He walks sideways along the branch
wobbles his head oddly
If there is such a thing
as trans-species reincarnation
then he's Stan Laurel
Hi Stan!

~ ~ ~

Speed Dating for Halfwits

She was new and I'd forgotten
so I dug out my notes
I'm nothing but trouble
I'll never settle down
They say I'm a bad influence

What happened to you?
Did you really fall for this?

I got us to pose, side by side
I'll send you a copy

~ ~ ~