Push Aside the Sutras

I pushed aside the sutras
even though I am their baby
A layer of kindly guardians
warm milk
a pool for me to bathe in
they have their dream
to work through
and I fell, axed
pieces strung with nylon thread

They have never helped, not me
diffused me, perhaps
until I let what I held of you go
you were here
until the testament was broken

So much is unresolved
and it is that which sits
that which lives with me
If I have scripture then that is what it is
not good reading

~ ~ ~


I found this 4 ton iron bell in a back alley
and got this mate of mine with a truck
to cart it to my garden where it hangs now
and tolls out a warning every time there's a strong wind
like a Nosferatu movie, Symphonie des Grauens,
bloody chin, you know the score, I'm sure,
so just leave me alone, OK?
there's sweeter meat out there
and you'll enjoy that they don't know what you're like
for now

~ ~ ~