Such a Bothersome Color

Give me a good black
Give me a solid white
Gray is so namby-pamby
useless as a friend
too soft to give a good kicking

At night
when I lie down
I like to know where I stand
I keep a pistol under my pillow

~ ~ ~

Mud & Worms

I know you have a lot on your mind
and this will be a huge leap of faith
but would you like to come over
to the pond in the woods
and we could coat each other with mud?
The soil around here is clay-rich
and with a little kneading makes a good paste
—they used to make house bricks from it
in the old days
in fact, there's a stream bed nearby
and they'd divert the cows to walk along
and mash up the clay, it's called 'puddling'—

I'm thinking of a deep and sticky relaxation
a break            an unwinding
and we could find some worms
in the softer soil
just play with them            hold them
pass them between us

Yes, it's a stressful time
but this will be fun
– and…Plato's 'hour of play' and all that?

~ ~ ~