Day Trip / The Chasm

From Greenbank and Freedom Fields
to Cattedown Wharf
then up to Deadman's Bay
where even the rats die
Walk along Teats Hill Road
over the bridge to the Barbican
Mayflower Steps
and the ferry to Kingsand

It's great at that age
when you don't even care
When it's all open books
and truth and clarity
before the second-talking begins
You're not stupid
all you have to do is think of the city
and you know the way it will turn out

For today, you wander the coastline
take the path across the beach
look around the old harbour
watch reflections warmed by sun –
like a visitor

~ ~ ~

Rocket, Shelves, Electric Shock Machine

I was thinking last night
while I was  asleep
of all the things I've made
but I won't list them

Why do people have to break things?
I was wondering that, as well
earlier in the evening
and it got me down
I don't think I can be bothered anymore

~ ~ ~