Awkward footholds jar my ankles
Free air trips between flint and chalk

Buried here
sacred stones, shadows, a carved codex
hessian, rags, woodcraft and stretched sisal

Hidden words
a promise
Our children choke on your air
Our cattle succumb to your poisoned water

Puddles of marsh
Sound thins into space

You abuse her youth
Your kiss offends her neck
She cries for freedom
freedom from your dreams
but you bind her in memory
You work her over and over
You suck her till she dies

~ ~ ~


Electricity is tadpoles
I've seen them
blue and wriggly, zipping down the wire
grey, sluggish, crawling back

Sometimes, I leave an empty yogurt pot
on the floor, below the power point
and watch it fill up
I have plans to market it
as a new health product

~ ~ ~