There's Always Stuff

that's better fixed
when it hasn't nested
like it's become part of you

or like an irritating fly
that, sure, you have to swat
but if it isn't going to go away
best not to let it settle

I could stay here all day
but like the prisoner who re-offends
just so they can get back inside
there's things that happen
which you discover
rather than plan

~ ~ ~

Heavy Rains and Wind

have uprooted a red beech on the island
and it has crashed into the lake

20' away, a heron stands on a coot's nest and waits
like they always do

Look around
the last call of the year has gone out

The settled walk by satisfied
others wish for one more chance
before the days are too short

Earlier, I put up a lamp outside the front door
I'll leave it on

~ ~ ~