Four Trains Clank In

fill up with beachfolk
destined for Barry Island
and then roll out
Then ours arrives
and there's two boys
who tell the conductor
they want to go to the island
and he won't tell them, but I do,
that they've got to change trains
but they don't believe me
so I raise my voice, a little,
and then two other passengers
say the same and off they get
I don't expect a thank you
don't get one

~ ~ ~

Dose Me with Chamomile

spread icing on a cake
sweet-smelling thyme
like plaster on a wall
cylindrical kisses
smooth out a film
dark dream shadows
a fine topcoat
shaman-made honey

Let us pretend
deniable, ethereal
the first interest
the one and only
is the surface

Ever with fire
Forever imagine

~ ~ ~