Would You Get Up Early and Walk 5 Hours With Me

The last craziness of the year
fell off with the leaves
Is winter cruel?
in proportion?
an inverse of what went before?

Would you get up early
and walk 5 hours with me
holding the hope
for a moment of light?

The sun picks out a load of autumn brown
over on the hills of Caerphilly Mountain
You can imagine it's summer
and the fields are scorched
but then you see the mud

~ ~ ~

A Poem from A Few Years Ago

I don't blame you I sort of know what it's like
and I know that I (we) had it easy well easier
time to study time to think and write and write
poems and lots of sex a different (very much
the same) world now of course you struggle
just to get a roof and Denplan and all the other
stuff you stuff yourself with and why not eh
look what happened to me (us) indolent
detached superior unhappy better to believe
you want something get it be happy repeat as
necessary and what the fuck do I (we) know
well I (we) know shit when I (we) step in it and
I (we) know unbridled assholes when they barge
into me (us) in the street I know shit

~ ~ ~