Back Corner Coven

They stew like prunes
like twisted walnuts
soured in juices
mumble like witches
suck like graves
zombie arms through coffins
drag down into silence
waiting, begging, crying out
tell me what to think
like babies
like cauliflower cheese
between their ears
like chained to railings
meant nothing

~ ~ ~

Typewriter…Imperial Portable

grey fibreglass case
I think the model was 'good companion'
which is ironic
as the letter S was wonky
and I had to have it fixed by the shop in City Road

During the school summer holidays
I'd worked a week in an office
filing, folding letters into envelopes
and they'd paid me with the typewriter

Glad I got rid of it
I'm not an archivist
I don't keep things
good companions or not

~ ~ ~