From Heartwood Well

Five  hundred  million  years –
this earth core clusters inwards
sucks me into salty delirium

Continents shift and fracture
Magma bursts through crust
An underground tideway
wrenches tombs into fragments
Glass, down abdomen way

The place names on this coastline
match the street names near your house
I need mish-mash, druggish thoughts
endorsement, sub-frontal proof
My own instincts are surrendered

~ ~ ~

Old Stuff Pokes Up Thru the Mud

I travelled west and east on foot
for decades
valleys, plains, mountains
villages, towns, cities
I brought you gifts
I went without to buy you gifts
I faced danger to find you gifts

but you looked away
you scarcely bothered
to hide your contempt
you reached
for the chains and shackles

~ ~ ~