You Were So Close

I'd hear you breathe
like a peach, swim through you
like plasticine, nothing

They say forever will endure
hold out
no matter how much you carry

Never too much for one alone
never too much to get through the hours
forget, go under, break sleep
into somewhereanywhere

~ ~ ~


You say if I'm in this neck of the woods
you'd like me to call in and say hello
and that makes me feel glad because sometimes
these things end up getting pretty nasty
I know we both have our regrets, but we
did have some really good times, didn't we
and it's not like we're too old, or got kids
or in each others' pockets, and that's good
I will miss you though. I don't aspire to
be some kind of solo act, believe me
if I knew of a way to shrug off my
destiny, I'd do it now, and stay here
So that's it I guess, not much romance
in my parting sonnet I will miss you

~ ~ ~