Sly lies hypnotise
rip off and run
beguile me, buy me
creamy family
slick cosmetic
good cat food
sexy sofa, safe surface
germ free, German
Engineering, brainless burgers
durable Durex
arid armpit

God, let me in
Please, I beg you
Please let me in

~ ~ ~

Hi Duo on Path

Glad to be here
dry air on my arms
shoulders flow in the sway of moving
gently climbing a sandy track
spikes of grass, gorse, heather
those little white clouds you get when the day is warm and the sky blue

She was easy and with her friend
a beachtowel rolled under her arm
on her shoulder, the strap of a brown cotton beach bag
I watched her eyelids and lashes flickering every now and then
A secret code            I expect
Hi, I said, because we shared the joy of the day
She smiled, giggled inside, I like that

~ ~ ~