He has joined a religious sect
called The Molecules

He smiles continuously
and is irritatingly optimistic

He abounds with love,
good vibrations, and clean hair

It appears he is regional cult leader
and has a band of followers

He says he has renounced fornication
but I suspect semantics

~ ~ ~

I Should Write To You

I think I should write to you in long, compound sentences
because there's nothing simple about this
but that would suppose I had a grasp of all the complexity
and even the attempt would signal a degree of fair coverage
which would be lacking
and therefore a disappointment.

However, if I collect fragments over a period
I should eventually get a broad picture
which I could compile into an epic
but when would I stop collecting?
I fear it would be when I die.

So, considering the importance of this task,
I shall bequeath its completion to you!
Knowing you get my sense of humour.

~ ~ ~