Perplexium Lucidium

When all my cynicism doesn't
bring anyone down or lift me up
and I have to shut my trap, schtum
I imagine a scene where you
change into your model singer
dancer actor T-shirt and culotte
shorts and whisper to me, in code.
Through all our twists and turns
and distances, sometimes misty,
there'll always be a bridge
and you say, I thought you'd shut
up for the night

~ ~ ~

She said, hold out your hand
and I thought it was sand
she gave me
but it was gold dust

and that act of being given to
is what I'll remember
nothing else

~ ~ ~

/push pull /

I look back at everything I destroyed
and then feel the mass of this current mess

Some people talk of darkness
as if it's similar to what happens at night

~ ~ ~