Soho is quiet at 5
A fog like Hampstead Heath
Bonfire smoke
Hold hands to cross the road

The man in the Planetarium told me
we no longer believe in constellations

~ ~ ~

Sensitivity and Understanding Will Get You Shot

…that was the War for you
At least, though, you were on the side of right
Black and white

Same with me
your firstborn
You knew what was right and wrong
Your duty to instruct me

and your religion, as well –
a war on evil
Hammer it home

~ ~ ~


It's August 2009 and I'm in The National Gallery
and it's not really my fault but some security
guy is about to call the cops and then in walks
Sandra from school who I haven't seen for
nearly 40 years hi Ash she says I see you're still
pissing off the shitheads yep nothing changes

~ ~ ~