Did You Know There's Two Fs in Paraffin?

This languid armchair, stubble, bottles
television, double vision
dole-burned baked beans, fag ends, litter
disconnected, introspected
bleary bedsit, weary curtains
prescription daze I'm OK

~ ~ ~

I Read a Little Desolation Angels

root through a few poems
White Flash, Porth Mawr, Too Kind
still not sleeping

I listen to One of these Days
from Meddle 24Karat, MFSL, UDCD

[A trojan is eating into my PC
I can't go online anymore
it won't let me broken
I'm not sleeping well]

~ ~ ~

How many years?
Your body was cold as rock
smoothed by rain

A wish turns to alchemy
The dream

~ ~ ~