Water rattles down from Caerphilly
and spits into the lake

They're messing with the roads again
A piddly culvert
once hidden by a 2' thick concrete bridge
is now open
for all to see

~ ~ ~

Don't Know Who They Are

I don't know who they are
their names, how many, or where they might be
but even so, I sent out an invitation
for a meetup and talk
They replied, however, to say
I was not in a position to request a conference

So now they come and go
and a variety of transmigration occurs
which is quite demanding

not for me

I don't think about it

~ ~ ~


Evening seagulls
with goldy-orange tummies
glide over the garden
disown the creature
that earlier snatched
a two-day-old gosling

~ ~ ~