Of The Vanities

You know from the thump in your guts that it's a failure
but when you're making a night of it
you've got a continuum to carry you through
and anyway, sometime in the future,
one or two of those damp squibs might catch
make stars in the darkness

~ ~ ~

Warm Beside Someone Else

I will sit and warm beside someone else's fire
not my own

I will take what I can
like a child

Then, in my living room
I'll imitate

I'll screw up paper
and mix with kindling and logs

I'll rest
through midnight to dawn

~ ~ ~

I like the night
but it brings out my spots
so I have to use steroid cream
which messes my hormones
and then I get sulky & mopey
and want to die

[misheard on the radio]

~ ~ ~