Frost and Sun

Nice to rise to the frost and sun
Dream lingers
Folk outside on their way to work
Play some music, dance

Note to self
if the passers-by suddenly turn their heads
and look in the window
it probably means they can see you leaping about

Secondary note to self
put some clothes on

~ ~ ~

I was taken out at night with the trawler fishermen
and we dragged up from the ocean bed
a net-full of less familiar lifeforms
not fit for your plate or market

and the men were kind to me
like locals are to tourists
because much of the detail didn't register
just the big, gelatinous and colourful

Years later, I'm sat on the seashore
throwing pebbles

~ ~ ~

What is it with this recycling?
I put a whole batch of old scripts through the shredder
then carried the pieces out to the Green Bin
but a freak wind blew them all up into my face
Now I can hardly see, I'm choking,
it's like I'm reliving stuff from 40 years ago

~ ~ ~