Catch the Moon

Did you catch the moon
hold its light close to
or did the dream sweep you
did clouds bring rain

Time to come down, build that shelter
tunnel into clay, a drainpipe for breathing

So sleepy now
half your brain wants to collapse
If only there was someone
a lullaby, a touch on your shoulder

~ ~ ~


My mum took me and Dennis Bishop
up to the science museum
made a day of it
We stopped in Hyde Park for lunch
and me and Dennis shared a canoe
on the Serpentine
but he kept splashing me
and so I splashed him
and we both ended up drenched
but it was sunny

~ ~ ~

We walk from the banks of the Severn
across a muddy meadow
and up steps to the railtrack.
The clatter and whoosh
of the Chepstow train
surprises us

~ ~ ~