On the Bus

back from my girlfriend's
I get thinking about school
and where all the others from my year are

and what they're doing
and who they're seeing
and why I wasn't invited

~ ~ ~

Sunstroke in March is Weird

I drank a litre of water over the park
Maybe I should have sat in the shade

Reminds me of walking the coast, Pembrokeshire
raw sun, no clouds, no air pollution, no shade
nor any drop of water to drink
After 3 hours, I guess I was a little frazzled
but that was years ago

So difficult to learn all over again
recognise which mistakes are the ones
that take a long time to recover from

~ ~ ~

The number of cards in your hand
depends on the game
The card you lead with
or respond with
is another game
within the game
c'est tout

~ ~ ~