Standing at the back door
looking out at the night sky
moon, planets, stars, space
all the way back to the beginning

People from the future
will not visit this moment

~ ~ ~

You Put Yourself into a Mess of It

any dubious quality
to blunt you up

This was not the plan
as if you could kill off
with a combination assault
or multi zone yourself

The homedream was close and warm
but it took strangers to show
that if we feel good together
then the rest is chatter

~ ~ ~

Love, shade #0770

This train driver explained to me
that when the new track signal was installed
it was put the wrong side of the bridge
so when he's at the platform
waiting to leave
he can't see it
so he has to get out of the cab,
walk down the track,
and check if the light is red or green.

~ ~ ~