Teeny Wannabe Pop Singer

Like some teeny wannabe pop singer
he used to wonder what it would be like
to be number one
but he knew, everybody knew
he always knew
there was a league above him
where the cut and thrust would kill him

Every now and then he lets out a noise
and the guard dogs growl
the boat rocks
and he climbs into your berth
for warmth

~ ~ ~

We kept all the moons in a big box
numbered, very clearly, 1 – 28
but I couldn't be bothered

Any old moon will do
but you know what people are like
moaning, complaining, going mad, rioting

Bore, bore, but they were the customer, I guess
and it was my first full-time job
…and last

~ ~ ~

The pills and booze had stopped working
so he cut them out
and came down like a ton of bricks

He decided to throw himself under a bus
but then remembered he'd done that, years ago
He's a wreck – he probably should hand in his license

~ ~ ~