Advertising Copy for a Furniture Retailer

I could be your armchair
I know you'll love me
Snuggle up
Press your cheek against me
Let my arms go round you

~ ~ ~

The ledge is not wide enough to walk
so I sit and shift along, inch by inch

If I dare look
I can make out the rocks below

The wind, in from the sea, pushes me back against the cliff
but I do not feel safe

Was I tempted out here or did I choose
Will finding the right answer make any difference?

~ ~ ~

London is a Great Place

London is a great place
to be on your own
it's so normal
Don't let it crack you
Don't close the doors

When it's only dogs on leashes
that turn and grin
and then a beautiful stranger
stops you
on the bridge
says hello…

~ ~ ~