I smashed 20 wine bottles
dropped the sharps to the floor
dragged my belly across

I burned my eye with
acid and crazy buddhist texts
I got above above above
until there was no reason

I climbed hill after hill
exhausted beyond exhaustion
blind, animal, beyond memory
they say I slept on your doorstep

I will do away with me
for myself, for my own purpose
not for leverage but for conclusion
if it was guaranteed I could blot you out

Bad nights / bad people
the way I know / I don't know why
Events shape a new season

~ ~ ~

Upon conviction
you were given a choice
Penal Colony or Hard Labour

The Colony was mostly solitary
broken by socialisation sessions
where you talked about escape
and learned who to avoid

Hard Labour's main project
was a tunnel through a mountain
You could convince yourself
you'd be leaving the world a better place
if you survived the hardship

~ ~ ~