All your spellweaving falls off the loom
down into the hole between what is
and what will never happen

You hack through umbilicals
like Crippen, ripper
screw charity from a soft heart

Moloch in the playground
Let them play
these things have their sandbox

~ ~ ~

I can't see a thing
No moon, no stars
My feet evolve super sensors

This lane cambers from centre to sides
I know, ahead, there's a dip, down
to a bridge over a dribbly stream
then a climb
I have to turn left just before the top

I close my eyes
start singing

~ ~ ~

¹doing that heart-shaped thing

I sat on a bench by the lake
& thought about having a car
& the need to fill it with petrol
& all the places I could take you
& then 2 swans faced each other and started¹

~ ~ ~